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For some, “EATING ORGANIC” has become not simply an everyday dietary choice but a way of life, a “philosophy” that applies to the healthiness of what they eat and extends to embrace ethical values that impact positively on the surrounding environment to develop a more respectful approach to nature and the factors governing its evolution.
We have become accustomed to seeing the word “ORGANIC” on many labels applied to the food we buy – but WHAT DOES IT MEAN?
In the case of cured-meat production, the “organic” requirement is organically reared animals, i.e. respect for the behavioural needs of the species reared, adherence to strict animal-wellbeing criteria and synergy between production and the animals’ farm environment, which must respect the animals’ natural growth rate and not accelerate it in any way with the use of growth promoters/hormones. Animal rearing and crop production are closely linked and integrated in an organic environment. When rearing animals for organic meat, the ground must also be organic, free from any pesticides that might have harmful effects on the environment or leave traces in the vegetable produce fed to the animals.
Organic products are certified via a complex control system (regulated and checked before and after) that guarantees compliance with the standards governing this production method.

As well as being gluten- and milk powder-free, Vecchio Varzi ORGANIC salame is produced exclusively with the finest cuts of pork, produced in compliance with organic farming standards.
The taste is fine-tuned by skilful ageing to produce salame with an intense, sweet and harmonious flavour. A salame that is absolutely top quality!

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