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Vecchio Varzi produces its most traditional D.O.P. Varzi Salame sizes, differing in weight and ageing, with painstaking care to ensure a product that always meets the expectations of the most discerning consumers.

Vecchio Varzi Cresponetto is a standard-size round salame weighing approx. 700 g. and aged for at least 45 days. Sottocrespone is a large round salame weighing 1 kg and aged for at least 60 days. These D.O.P. salame products bear the true mark of quality at all stages, starting with a mix containing primarily pork leg i.e. the most prized part of the animal normally used for hams. For the mincing, we opt for a coarse grain, keeping fat content to a minimum. Finally, the addition of very little salt makes the salame sweeter, softer and healthier than rival products.

On Varzi P.D.O. Vecchio Varzi Salame, the Gambero Rosso Grandi Salumi guide says:

“You are immediately struck by its intense aroma with hints of spice, wine and citrus. It is sweet to the taste with clear citrusy notes. Excellent persistence.”

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